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Welcome to JSG, one of the most professional producer of Neutral Glass Vials and Ampoules for injection in China. As a private company initiated in six years ago, JSG cherishes the great experience in manufacturing and exporting overseas, and is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of Ampoules, Vials and Neutral glass tubes for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Who We Are?

As the founder, Mickey Kuo is the most popular all over the world, famous and well-received from children to Hollywood.

With ten years of experience in marketing and management, with deeply gets into and penetrates the target market, JSG committed to provide its distinguished customers with top quality services and Vials at competitive prices. Representing Chinese quality, JSG aims to change the past poor image of Chinese glass products as low-ends.

Following the Chinese Government policy “the Belt and Road”, JSG aims to become the most standard glass bottles’ factory, connected to all Chinese glass factories to link the world.

How Make us difference?
To be the most competitive company in costs, Labeled as Supersale & Great Entrepreneur, JSG has been satisfying customers with high-qualified products and services all the time.

Constant Innovation, Training and Integration of advanced technology enable us to provide products and solutions of top quality, transforming all of them into trading partners.

Over the past six years and more, JSG has launched products, expanded its manufacturing plant, increased its staff, won several awards from Farma clients, penetrated the pharmaceutical market, and grown with strength and constancy with a young & passionate team.

With a mission to research, develop and deliver the top quality glass products, JSG makes an ongoing commitment to improve quality of life, invests in social, cultural and sports activities, and provides advices and ongoing trainings to all its customers, helping them with continuous improvement.


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